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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Do we need a male Oprah?

I was listening to my sports talk radio guy, Colin Cowherd, who took it upon himself to be the male Oprah - to give several pointers to young guys who need help. His essential definition of a young guy who needs help is a dude in his twenties with a neck tatoo. So, he dished out various bits of hillarious advice for young guys, all of which were right on....well, except one suggestion: Leave the jersey at home. He was talking about the sports jerseys that guys wear around. This was the only point on which he was way off because I'm tellin' ya' I know how to rock the sports jerseys - when I wear the jerseys of my favorite sports teams and players the women flock, they can't get enough of it!.....but I digress....

Here's the question for all of you women out there (and I guess guys can answer too): Do the young men in American society and culture need a male Oprah?


Melody said...

Since I don't like the real Oprah, my vote is going to be: no.

Dawn said...

OMG!! I love Colin Cowherd...he's hilarious. I can only imagine what he came up with on that topic! :)

Jonathan Erdman said...

Cowherd is an absolute lunatic. But he is a genius on the radio. He has surpassed Rush Limbaugh as my favorite radio show host. Basically, as I see it, Cowherd has a few cups of coffee in the morning, drinks four or five cans of Redbull, and then goes live on the radio. The result of this ungodly mixture of caffeine and his vow to be "honest" in everything he says is a stream-of-consciousness style of radio that is energized and high-octane.

Lindsay said...

How can you not like Oprah!

Sure if guys want their own Oprah figure, I would say, go for it! As long as he is not over political, because Oprah is not over political; she deals with social and cultural problems in society.

I don't know if I would like Cowherd, because I can't stand Rush Limbaugh. Yes, I said it I can't stand him! Plus, he just might not be the right personality for the position.

Oh, I am not so sure about the "women flocking" to your jersey.

Jon said...

Good lord, no!!! Although I must say, I would prefer a male Oprah to a male Tyra Banks. Barely.