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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Vegas for Christmas

In about a week I'm heading to Vegas for Christmas! No real reason, except somewhat of a whim. I usually celebrate Christmas with my family in PA, but we are not celebrating until a little later - around New Year's Day. So, me and a buddy are going somewhere interesting where we have never been.

The plan: Take in the lights of the Vegas strip, and explore the Red Rock Canyon. What better way to contemplate the Incarnation as reported in John 1 than to observe the lights in the darkness? Also, I am an avid runner, so I hope to spend several days running through the trails at Red Rock, and I'd like to try my hand at rock climbing.

Anyone ever been to Vegas? Any tips for a newbie?


Kelly E. said...

No tips, but I am interested to hear your philosophical musings concerning Vegas. I think it would be thought provoking to be in Sin City during our culture's most 'reverent' holiday.

Dawn said...

Pray!! lol